Riceberg Ventures
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Our Vision

Back Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs

We are committed to partnering with entrepreneurs who are passionately working towards solving humanity's most profound problems

Technology as a Catalyst

We believe that technology has the power to catapult human progress, fostering economic equality and opening new avenues for innovation and growth

Solving Complex Problems

Our investment philosophy is rooted in the conviction that great businesses emerge from addressing complex, critical issues, transforming challenges into sustainable opportunities

Deep Tech for Development

We champion deep tech startups in India as catalysts for leapfrogging into a developed economic status, aiming for solutions that not only elevate the country but also create a resonant global impact

Meet our team

Ankit Anand
Founding Partner
Mredul Sarda
Founding Partner
Shubham Raj
Founding Partner
Lino Gandola
Founding Partner

our Portfolio

Manastu Space

Green propulsion engines for satellites, making space safe and efficient for all, while tapping into 20Bn$ market

Signatur Biosciences

Affordable and accessible blood tests for complex diseases e.g., breast cancer prognosis accessing 50Bn$+ market


World’s first fully reusable medium-lift launch vehicle, at high-cost efficiencies, catering to 30Bn$ market with only 4 others from US


Identity-first access mgmt for multi-cloud environments, to manage 300% increase in software attacks and 24% in cloud adoption

Our Value Add

Mentorship from Idea to Implementation

As founders and operators, we understand the intricacies of (0) to (1) journey intimately. We're prepared to roll up our sleeves and work alongside you at the drawing board, addressing challenges hands-on and transforming obstacles into opportunities

Technical and R&D Expertise

Our team, with deep roots in tech and research, provides active support in your technical and R&D endeavors. Leverage our extensive network, which includes top scientists and experts globally, to enhance your ideas' technical prowess and innovation capacity

Access to Global Markets

With our presence across three continents and experience in building cross-border businesses, we offer unique insights from go-to-market strategies to navigating complex regulatory landscapes. We assist our founders in scaling their operations internationally

Networking with Global Investors

Beyond initial funding, we understand the importance of sustained capital for growth. As part of the VC Lab community, the world's largest VC support ecosystem, we offer our founders unparalleled access to global VCs. We have co-invested with major top-tier VCs globally

India's first Space Tech Accelerator Program by Riceberg Ventures
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